The magnitude of cricket love in our country is perfectly frenetic and we all share the same blood, sweat, and enthusiasm for the sport! Be it kids, youth or even the old, cricket is enjoyed with all the fervour around.

BatBall11, a fantasy cricket platform, is created by us out of the utter passion for cricket. We intend to instil an ultimate gaming experience to the cricket loving community.

So if cricket has imprinted your heart, life and soul, BatBall11 is the place to flaunt your skills.

BatBall11’s bedrock is about building team (read: family) and creating infinite memories with them which will last for a lifetime! Our foundation strongly believes in the fundamentals of honesty, quality and transparency.



  • Let your heart pump out the words “Howzat” when bowlers hits those stumps.
  • Let the blood inside your veins pace high when you engaged in an nail-biting match.
  • Let the pulse rate reach its maximum when a shot of your player is about to reach the boundary.
  • Let yourself energized and feel ecstatic when you “Change the Game” and taste victory!

Take a tour of BatBall11 Application

BatBall11 is an experience where all your “Crickety Keeda” dreams will come true.

Feel all the jazz right here at BatBall11 and begin the adventure.
It'll surely be supreme, enigmatic and astounding!

  • Pull up your socks
  • Set your standards high
  • Get set for an exhilarating fantasy experience

How To Play

  • BatBall11 is a dreamy ethereal platform for all the cricket buffs to experience the most earnest cricket experience, virtually!
  • It lets you try your skills and explore your knowledge on field.
  • So, it's time to take matters in your own hands and Change the Game!
  • Simply follow these easy steps and get set for your fantastic fantasy experience!
  • The concept is simple; you play wisely with the right team, earn points and cash. It’s all about the three C’s; Compete, Conquer and become a Champion!

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Mobile Image BatBall11

BatBall11 is a place where cricket fantasies come to life.

We seek to provide an experience full of conquests and adventures.

  • Download the BatBall11 application in your device
  • Navigate to the Sign Up Screen
  • Enter your Full Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Password that you’ll use
  • Click the Sign In Button

User Benefits

Joining / Referral Rewards

  • Join the BatBall11 community by simply downloading our Application from Apple App Store or download from our website.
  • On joining, earn 50 INR Rewards in your Batball11 wallet as a joining Reward.
  • Moreover, refer and invite your folks to the BatBall11 community by sharing a referral code with them.
  • Once a referred user download the BatBall11 Application and deposit minimum Rs. 20, you along with the referred user will be rewarded with 50 INR Rewards each in your BatBall11 wallet.
  • Infinite number of referrals can be referred an entire life of Batball11.
  • So, the more referrals you send our way, the more rewards you could make.
Refer, get paid, it’s that effortless!
3G Referral Rewards

First Deposit Reward

Offer Expired - For more offer check BatBall11 Application.

We want you to play, enjoy and repeat!
And so…
On your very first deposit earn 50% Reward instantly.

  • You will earn 50% of the amount you deposited as Reward money! Example, if you deposited 10,000 INR, your wallet will be credited with 5,000 INR Rewards instantly. So in all you can play with a total of 15,000 INR, isn’t that sheer awesomeness!
  • As soon as the desired amount is deposited in the wallet, the Reward amount will get reflected in the rewards section.
  • You can track all your transactions in the BatBall11’s passbook. It will capture the deposits and the Rewards transactions also.
  • So Game Changers, find your desired International, Domestic or League matches and enter into choice of your full fledge league.

3G Referral Rewards

Spreading the word is pretty easy. Share your unique referral code to all your chuddy buddies and every other cricket lover around you via social media, texts and emails. Simply build your own personal referral channel in BatBall11 3 tiers / 3 generations Referral Rewards Programme.

Let’s understand the process along with all the associated perks.

  • Once a referred user applies your referral code in the App and join a league, you will be rewarded with 1% of the entry fee. It will be terms as level 1.
  • Further, when your referred user refers and invite fresh user to join BatBall11, It will be terms as level 2 and you will be rewarded with 0.5% of the entry fee when the fresh user join a league.
  • Similarly, from level 3 you will be rewarded with 0.25% of the entry fee.
3G Referral Rewards 3G Referral Rewards

Unique Application Features

Glorious League

Be a part of an extravagantly glorious league which will have no limit to the number of participants. Thus, more the users, higher the prize money!

Wallet Transfer

Want to enter in exciting match, but no cash? Worry not! Receive and send money through Batball11’s intra wallet transfer.
Playing cricket was never this simple, was it?

Ground Statistics

Get detailed information concerning every factor of the ground. Right from ground records to comparison statistics, get every required detail right here.

Team Statistics

Obtain every possible information about the teams comparison & statistics before you make your fantasy team!

Player Statistics

Take a sigh of relief, relax and relish as now you get detailed player statistics prior to the match, which will definitely ease the decision making process!

Starting Linups

Batball11 ensures that the cricket community gets the real time update about the starting lineup.

Man of The Match

Choose a player as Man of the Match and get 3x points scored by them in the actual game! This will be a perfect way to begin your expedition along with your chosen Man of the Match!

Live Score

Stress no more, as no matter where you are, you can access real time match score updates.

Unique Features
Ashok Chakr

We Salute The Real Heroes of India

So Join the Cause
Make a contribution to the Indian soldiers and Batball11 will double the collection and donate the entire amount to the Indian Defense Welfare. Through this small gesture we want to show appreciation towards our bravehearts protecting our motherland and its citizens life while risking their own!!
Big Salute to our valiant and fearless soldiers.

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