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How to Play Call Break?


Call Bidding

  • Players must call a number, indicating how many tricks they would win in this round.
  • Players who do not win the called tricks at the end of the round will get a negative score in the round. Players who do not break their call will get a positive score in the round.

Trick Taking

  • Players who start the game will choose a card of their choice to discard in the center of the table. The suit of the discarded card is called a ‘lead suit’.
  • The next player (counter-clockwise direction) will have to discard a card from their hand following the rules and order of availability of cards.
ludo game play
classic ludo result screen


  • Scores in call break are calculated based on the calls made by players and how many they win.
  • For winning equal tricks to call, the score will be the same as call.
  • For winning more tricks than the call, the score will be call and additional 0.1 for every extra trick
  • For winning less tricks than the call, the score will be negative differential score of remaining tricks of the call. Example: Player bid for 3 tricks and won only 1 trick. Player gets -2 as score.


  • The game plays for a fixed number of rounds and the total scores will be compared at the end of last round.
  • Players with the highest score at the end of the last round will be declared the winner.
point ludo game play

Players Rules

  • Two player call break game mode has same rules as 4 player mode with some differences.
  • From a 52 cards deck, each player gets 13 cards randomly. Remaining cards won’t be used in the game.
  • When players tie with the score, the player with the higher number of trump card wins will be called Winner.